Frog Nation


I’m Happy that theres a forum! Thanks for making it.

Could we get some other categories, like a meme category called Frog Nation?


I think we should keep this forum a little bit more on topic, so maybe in the future we can implement that!

If you have memes to share tho, we have a channel in our discord server especially for that and I cant wait to see what you come up with! :fire:


Ah gotcha. But yes, memes will be shared there.

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Greetings, fellow frogs. This is Mark from Marina Del Rey, CA. I’ve created several videos about ICE / TIME / SPELL / MIM and have been investing in all Daniele and Andre things from the beginning. Huge fan, obviously. :slight_smile:


may I ask you to share the link to your videos please? I’ll be glad to watch them all. best!:slight_smile: