Bots in wMemo pool?

Hi frogs, just a few questions from a young frog: so everybody wants more MIM to borrow in wMemo pool, you need to be very very fast to catch some… ok but… as the borrowed amount is always 0, even when the price go down not even few bucks becames available, I’m wondering if any bots is actually borrowing automactly. I’m not a tech so I ask if is something possible, and if yes, if there is some way to check it. And if yes, would be that something “fair” to the frog community? Thanks a lot


Maybe a Capcha would be good?


would you please add your feedback to this proposal?

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Wondering if a “que” would work? Let members of Frog Nation submit a que’d request for the amount of MIM they want to borrow and it will be added to the list of other que’d requests in first come first serve order. The list would be viewable for everyone to see the amount of total MIM requested and how many requests are opened. The borrowers should, of course remain anonymous. It might be days or weeks before someone can get their loan filled, but at least it would allow borrowers a more fair method of borrowing MIM. For me it is hit or miss, but I have spent many hours staring at a “0”. Submitting a request to borrow MIM would allow me time to focus on other daily tasks as I would occasionally peak to see my que’d position get closer and closer to getting filled. Including a Capcha to fill out the request form makes good sense as well.

hope, dev team read the post, now it’s impossible to borrow mim …

Then bots would just interact directly with the contract instead, or use CAPTCHA solvers.