Hello, I am curious if anyone can help me?! I borrowed MIM with wmemo as collateral. It has been taken from my wallet. I don’t know where the MIM is and I did add the token. The site shows nothing about balance or open orders please help!

happend the same to me borrowed and the mim dont come!!! heeeeeelp

Did you check ftmscan?

So, I deposited collateral of .1062 wMemo. i paid back all my loan and was only returned .0276 wMemo. WTF? there is no way it cost that much and I took that much of a loss. I need to contact the site Devs too. because its not in my bentonbox, i have waited a few days and I am perplexed I put thousands of dollars in there, I dont have anything now, and this was all I have saved this year. PLease help! Let me know friend, who contacts you!!

Sirs, most likely you all used leverage. Leverage does not give you MIM in your wallet but uses your borrowed MIM to give you more exposure to your deposited collateral. Please read the documents at: You should read and understand what you are doing ahead of time to minimize the risk of having your positions liquidated. Also, you would find answers to your questions much more quickly on the discord server as this forum isn’t meant to be a help desk.

My mistake. I must have been confused asking for help here under borrowing help. Thanks for clarifying JohnDee. i made 2 deposits. i got one back. maybe you can tell me where to contact the devs because there has most definately been an error and i am aware of leverage and what it costs.

You can reach out for help in the discord: Abracadabra money