General FAQ

Where can I find the token contracts for each chain?

The Token Contracts for MIM, SPELL and sSPELL can be found in our wiki here!

I did not receive any MIMs after having opened my position, why?

You opened a Leveraged Position. Please read the wiki carefully before using Leveraged positions.

When I try to borrow, I see “This Lending Market has reached its MIM borrowable limit, please wait for the next MIM replenish to borrow more!” Will more MIM be added to my favourite market, and if so when?

Yes, all the cauldrons are replenished on average on a weekly basis. Please avoid asking this question in the discord, as they will all be replenished. You can check the last replenish here!

My sSPELL amount has not changed, why?

sSPELL balance does not increase, have a read here.

The repay button is not working, what should I do?

Please check to have at least 10 more MIMs in your wallet than what you owe, or take out the last decimals from the collateral you are trying to remove. (If you are trying to take out 4.3985787 wsOHM, try inputting 4.2 instead) If you are deleveraging, please try taking out slightly less collateral than the maximum. Also, try to increase swap tolerance!

Will I be able to stake SPELL into sSPELL on other chains?

No, as of right now we will keep sSPELL staking only on ETH mainnet! We are however exploring other options such as SPELL/sSPELL markets!

I bridged some MIMs, they have not yet arrived what should I do?

No worries, all the MIM transactions across bridges are successful. Abra uses Anyswap to power its bridge, Just be patient or ask on Anyswap TG group!

How does sSPELL staking work? Where are the spell deposited after the buyback from the team?

They are put into the sSPELL rewards pool. Lets Imagine only 100 SPELL are staked, for a ratio of 1:1. Then we would have 100 sSPELL (and in the “SPELL pool” 100 sSPELL would be “backing” those 100 SPELL). So, if the team buys 10 SPELL for the sSPELL rewards pool, it basically puts this SPELL into this “backing pool”. Thus, 110 SPELL are now backing the sSPELL pool (which still shows 100 sSPELL). If someone gives back his 10 sSPELL, he now receives 11 SPELL (instead of the 10 he put in)

Is the platform audited?

Abra uses Kashi technology which has been audited, and it runs on Bentobox which is also audited! We also have an Imunefi bug-bounty program available here