Abracadabra.money Magic Merch website!

Hey Wizards and Witches!!
I figured I would make a forum post to let everyone know that I set up a Merch Shop!! Going to be adding to it over time, creating new stuff. Also going to be looking to get some custom art made and custom abra merch made to be sold as well, right now that is not available with the site being used though. abracadabra.money | Magic Merch | Bonfire Check it out!!! Got a couple products available… If anyone has any art they would like to contribute, or ideas, would love to see/hear em! Going to be looking into a second site for merch with more design features/product options AS WELL AS payment with crypto (hopefully). HUGE THANK YOU!!! to Brab and the Abra team for being supportive of this!!:heart::frog::man_mage::open_book: #FrogNation #OccupyDeFi