Proposal to end the IP/VPN block

After hearing many wizards and witches in blocked locations, it seems an IP/VPN block is turning spellcasters away from the magic. I simply propose an end to the IP/VPN block. To ease the anxieties of the wizards and witches, and to further embolden the trust in, dropping the IP/VPN ban would be a good move.

At the same time, the community has understood how the SEC has been a problem… though now it seems a good portion of users see the SEC as no longer a problem. By dropping the ban and making’s front end easier to access, Spell Token and MIM could gain more attention which could lead to an increase in TVL. Now that the market is beginning to rebound, dropping the ban alongside product releases would open up to more users (wizards and witches) as well as make market exposure smoother. If this idea gets enough attention/support, we can move to vote on ending the IP/VPN ban.


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I am strongly against this proposal.

Considering the aggressive measure taken by certain jurisdictions to pursue DeFi activity, barring access to Abracadabra UI from this jurisdictions is the safe way to go.

Abracadabra front end code is open and ready to be deployed by whomever wants to do so, with or without VPN/IP block, but the main website should be as compliant as possible.

Many other defi platforms are doing the same thing, Abracadabra is just making sure this is enforced properly by the VPN block usually used to mask locations.

What would be interesting though would be a proposal to fund deployments of third party UIs for our contracts.

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Third party UI’s are a great idea!!! Cool beans, we already have roxx3r’s and 0xCaliburs now so off to a great start!! left links to the workarounds on the reddit in the dailys description. was getting a ton of upset wizards and witches lol as you could see. Hopefully these community forks are enough, especially now that 0xCalibur released a version. Thank you for the response Romy!!