Proposal : bring Daniele and OxSifu on twitter space again. Why holders don't deserve a refund?

The frogs would like that Daniele addresses a few queations and doubts.

1)Why don’t you hire a community manager? It’s time to have a dedicated person able to deal with the frog community!

  1. I think who was liquidated can go to FO. Whose should be repaid are those FROGS that are holding since october. Who cares if some ppl are too greedy and liked to play the game of leveraging.
    Leveragin is a risky game.

  2. Why the holders, that are the backbones of Wonderland, have to suffer two times: the huge loss on the value of their wMEMO, holing since the dawn of the project, and also the swap for spell, which is absolutely unfair?

  3. Question got from discord channel :
    thats the thing. i looked. and they are nowhere to be found. if i would have seen it i wouldnt have to ask, would i? and the team ignores this question. so there are essentially 2 possibilities. first is that the backing price 2 days ago was incorrect, they corrected the mistake and 40k is actually the real backing price. which makes the team extremely incompetent as they were doing buybacks above backing price if this would be true. second option is they just removed them from the calculation to drop the backing price right before the merger locks in an exchange price so they can pocket the difference, which makes them scammers. i would gladly listen to another explanation but nobody has been able to give one so im left with these two choices. and none of them is good

Daniele we need again you bring yourself on a twitter space.