Balance doesn't make sense after borrowing

When start staking at wonderland I had a balance of 0.16079 Memo. Then switched to Abracadabra platform and borrowed 350 mim and then another 150 mim against my collateral Wmemo. One time I repayed my 150 mim because I almost got liquidated. Today I repayed my 350 mim and removed collateral because Time has dipped in value like crazy. I unwrapped my wmemo and now my memo balance is 0.103653 :anguished:???

I lost 0.057 memo/time. How is this possible? I understand the loss in ($)value but how can my Time/Memo balance be less after 2 months staking plus borrowing. And what happened to my rebases :disappointed:?? What am I doing wrong ? Please help

i am not sure…but it’s possible that depending on the liquidity of the different tokens you utilized (or the protocol/platform utilized that you dont know about)…you could have ran into a situation where just clicking “yes yes yes, swap confirm swap” etc…allowed you to lose funds somehow? I am not sure though obviously…the only reason why i mention the aformentioned is because the other day i took like $40 to get some dumb fucking ape coin…that was like .25/ea…i ended up with like 6 tokens for $40 because the liqudidity of that dumb ape token on traderjoe wasnt deep and all they had were these 6 coins or whatever…so i rapid fired the confirm button and essentially confirmed to trade $40 for 6 tokens…talk about being upside down huh?

Weird. I went from 0.4 to 2 staking in two months