Lists of working alternative strategies inbetween rebase

While I see why everyone wants more mim for the memo pool you dont want to tank your shares either. It would be counterproductive.

Maybe if we can get a list of lesser known strategies that really could help. I myself bond into other daos and take my profit and stake it into wonderland. Starting from the bottom isnt easy but at least we get the chance.


Can you explain your strategy on how you are investing in other DAOs and how you distribute the profits? Maybe this will spark the conversation with other strategies? I personally just do straightforward minting → staking → borrowing → repeat, so nothing fancy atm. Plus my position is not that large, so can do only so many things.

I honestly just bond in as much as I can I collect and stake right before the rebase this way I get the apy from the bonded amount and what I have set. Then I usually pull out a potion of the time I have in and take it to fantom hector dao rebases roughly an hour and a half before wonderland so I will buy in collect the rebase sell bond in then I bounce back and forth while running lp tokens and single staked assets. I’ve got some folded collateral that I collect on once a day but tis just from vesting geist and a pool of 3 stables that I add to as time passes.

This way when I constantly interact with bonds I’m doing 2 things building the treasury and buying and locking assets while growing my bags while its slow it’s still something.

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Wow. This sounds amazing. Although it seems abit beyond me right now but I would love to learn. I did not know about any of this 1 week ago. I’m a 52 year old single parent mum who wants a better life for her son. Last week I set up binance account, Avalanche wallet, meta mask wallet. Wonderland, Trader Joe snd Abracadabra. I transferred money and I’ve bought, staked and wrapped. I’ve list £600 in the process by doing silly beginner things but I think I’ve got the hang of the basics. I would love to learn how to mint, bond so if you can point me in direction of some simple videos as I’m a visual learner that would be great. I’m so happy to have found this I just really hope it changes my life. I’ve put in £1000 so far and will add around £150 each week. M x

Thanks so much for sharing what you do today! This is super helpful and a little beyond me atm.

2 questions:

  1. Have you ran the numbers to make sure that all this work that you are doing is actually worth it?
  2. How much are you losing in fees and slippage when converting between networks and LPs? This is one area where I’m not sure if the APY would cover all of the fees to make it a worthwhile strategy.

Welcome to the Frog family! There are quite a few videos on Youtube that you can watch if you search for Wonderland Time or Wonderland Staking. Can’t point to the specific one, but the more you watch, the more you will learn about different strategies for sure. Best of luck!

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I’m actually up a bit from doing it this week it really helps keeping bonds going so you’re always getting that discount and what not. Fees are only now starting to hit more than 1 to 3 bucks on avaz but I mean we its pumping. As for everything else only issue I had was anyswap eating my eth but I was able to recover it. Total i am up about 2k in the last week