Strategy to Make the Most Money Using this Protocol?

I am staking TIME/Wonderland and I found this protocol through the FROG show.

I’ve read the docs but I don’t think I fully understand a solid strategy that you might use to make the most of all of this in terms of percentages or APY.

Any videos, resources, recommendations?

Much appreciated. Extremely grateful to have discovered all of this.

Looking to hear from the real-world Merlin.


I think using MIM to leverage your collateral will yield the highest returns. Staking Spell gives you a share of all the MIIM fees, so that will grow and grow and grow over time as well. Do some of each. I’ve got MIM leveraging my xJOE right now and that’s been killing it this week


Thank you - that pointed me in the right direction. This video does a good job breaking down an overall strategy of how one might leverage on leverage on leverage.