Accounting entries for taking leverage on a staked OHM position

Hi, I’m working on my 2021 taxes and am trying to understand the journal entries I should book for transactions like this. This transaction appears to appears to be depositing ~0.21 wsOHM, borrowing ~1288.83 MIM, and purchasing OHM, staking, and then wrapping again, to end up with a position of ~0.2692 wsOHM.

Am I reading this correctly? I’m confused because at the time of the transaction the wsOHM deposited as collateral was worth roughly $1456, then ~1288.83 MIM are minted, and the resulting position is 0.2692 wsOHM, roughly $1866 at the time. Why was 1288/83 MIM created but the position only increased by ~$400?

Any advice on how to read these transaction, and how to book them for accounting purposes, is greatly appreciated :pray:

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