UniDex Arbitrum STIP vote weigh in with AbracadabraDAO

As you may know, Arbitrum is undergoing its first STIP program, where many protocols are asking for grants and other requests to help boost the adoption of Arbitrum deployed protocols.

Recently, UniDex has also applied for a grant aiming to increase its TVL, trading volume, and overall utilization on Arbitrum. We ask that you consider voting for our proposal due to the benefit it brings to the protocol here and the usage of MIM.

UniDex is a perp protocol, perp aggregator, and spot aggregator incentivizing the usage of MIM (and other collaterals) through LP rewards, perp trading volume, and spot trading. We believe that if our vote passes, it could substantially increase opportunities for users looking to put their MIM to work.

This is the breakdown of our grant
375,000 ARB (50%) - Trades routed to native UniDex liquidity pools
262,500 ARB (25%) - Perp trades routed to other Arbitrum perp DEXs via aggregation
93,750 ARB (12.5%) - Liquidity provider rewards
93,750 ARB (12.5%) - Positive slippage matching for swaps

All of which MIM can be put to work within our protocol.

Here’s a link to that current active snapshot vote, and I thank you for taking the time to read my post.

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Currently abra is in favor for GMX and MUX proposal so we should move and agree with unidex proposal.

we can also move togher for see more utilization of MIM and more calderon using unidex has base

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