AIP #47 - Voting With treasury ARB on the STIP-Bridge


The following AIP is to determine the DAO’s opinion on voting on STIP-Bridge proposal recently posted on the Arbitrum Forum. The treasury currently owns 901,392 ARB as well as additional ARB delegated to it.

The Arbitrum Snapshot will be found here.

Proposal Summary

This proposal outlines a further ARB stimulus for STIP grants receivers, that increases the timeframe and amounts of grants receivals.

Make sure to read the entirety of the proposal before voting, to educate properly on what it is proposed here.

Abracadabra’s Role and Voting

As members of the Arbitrum ecosystem, an STIP receiver, and an important player in governance, it is pivotal that Abracadabra makes SPELL holders voice heard as it has happened in the past. The Bridge Short Term Incentives proposal is currently on the forum, but will then be moved to snapshot, and will then be moved to a Tally vote.

The outcome of this AIP will decide what the DAO will vote on all occasions.


Voting is currently live and will last 48 hours. After which, the treasury DAO will vote with its ARB.

It can be found here.

The proposal has passed.

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