AIP #29 - Voting on Arbitrum Short-term incentive Program with Treasury ARB


The following AIP is to determine the DAO’s opinion on voting on the proposal posted by Arbitrum Incentives Working Group on the Arbitrum governance forum. The treasury currently owns 901,392 ARB as well as additional ARB delegated to it.

Proposal Summary

This proposal outlines a one-time, community-created program to distribute up to 75,000,000 ARB of DAO-funded incentives targeting active Arbitrum protocols. Aimed at fulfilling short-term community needs, the program plans to allocate DAO-owned ARB towards incentives while ensuring transparent consensus and distribution methods. It spans two voting rounds and provides incentives to eligible programs designed to fund incentives through the January 31, 2024. It asks all participating grantees to self report data, and dashboards, summarizing grant performance.

Make sure to read the entirety of the proposal before voting, to educate properly on what it is proposed here.

Abracadabra’s Role and Voting

As members of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and an important player in governance, it is pivotal that Abracadabra makes SPELL holders voice heard as it has happened in the past. The Short Term Incentives proposal is currently on snapshot, and will then be moved to a Tally vote.

The outcome of this AIP will decide what the DAO will vote on both occasions.


In order to make sure that the voting happens within the Arbitrum governance timelines, we propose the following AIP to remain on the forum for 24 hours, and then be moved to snapshot voting, for 48 hours.

The voting options are:

  • Up to 25M ARB through JAN 2024
  • Up to 50M ARB through JAN 2024
  • Up to 75M ARB through JAN 2024
  • Against
  • Abstain

The Arbitrum proposal runs on Ranked choice voting, meaning that each voter can decide a ranked preference order in each of these steps.

The snapshot vote will be created on the 12th of September 2023, and last 48 hours. Snapshot vote is now posted here.

The voting has ended, the DAO vote has been casted on snapshot.

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