SAIP #33: Voting discretion on STIP with treasury ARB

SAIP #33: Voting discretion on STIP with treasury ARB

Tl;dr Grant the treasury multisig ability to vote with the treasury ARB on partners and promising projects alike, without the need of individual votes in the context of the Arbitrum DAO the Short Term Incentives Program (STIP).


Over the last weeks, a very important proposal is being discussed by the Arbitrum DAO the Short Term Incentives Program (STIP). The Abracadabra DAO voted yes for it on both, Snapshot and Tally, thanks to AIP #29, and it is now time for the DAO to do its part and decide on the votings for individual projects STIPs.

The total amount of ARB distributed in this first round is 50 million, and more than 80 protocols applied with different grant sizes.

Applicants can be found here.

It is therefore unrealistic to create 80 or more individual votes on the DAO snapshot page and ask SPELL holders to educate themselves and vote on each and every single one of them.

Nevertheless, it remains crucial to ensure that Abracadabra effectively serves its duty as an Arbitrum Delegate and actively participates in the STIP round 1 voting process. Over recent days and weeks, core contributors of the DAO have invested substantial effort in preparing for this vote and are ready to take on this task on behalf of the DAO.

We are well-prepared to offer informed feedback and votes on numerous proposals, benefitting both ecosystem partners and promising projects.

As a reminder, Abracadabra’s STIP proposal can be found here.


This proposal aims to enable the Treasury multisig to vote, on the behalf of the DAO, on both Snapshot and Tally, without the necessity for individual votes on each proposal.

Votes will be carried out by the Treasury multisig, leveraging the research and connections established by core contributors in recent weeks.

This will be only possible for the STIP votes, similar setups for other proposals would require further AIPs and approval by governance.


The STIP goes to Snapshot voting today 11:59 PM EST. It therefore requires a speedlaned AIP as described by our governance framework.

Snapshot voting for this proposal is already live, and will last 24 hours, allowing the Abracadabra DAO to cast its vote as soon as the Snapshot is concluded.

Voting can be found here.

Voting has passed.


Looks like the vote will pass with full support. Working with Arbitrum is going to boost TVL for Abra big time… Awesome stuff!! :man_mage: