SAIP #37: Voting for Jojo and Castle Capital as LTIP Advisor Candidate

SAIP #37: Voting for Jojo and Castle Capital as Advisor Candidate

tl;dr Vote with treasury ARB in favour of JoJo and Castle Capital as LTIP Advisor Candidate


The Arbitrum DAO has currently voted in favor of the LTIP, the Long-Term Incentives Program, and it is now time to elect the advisors and council. Following some of the previous work done in the past with them, I would like to propose for the Treasury ARB to be used to vote in favour of Jojo and Castle Capital.


During the campaigning effort for the STIP, both JoJo and Castle Capital have been extremely important for the Abracadabra DAO, giving recommendations and valuable feedback. It is my belief that they would both make outstanding Advisors for the LTIP.

Speedlane Voting: Considering the time sensitive nature of this proposal, I find important making this a Speedlaned AIP so that the DAO can cast its vote successfully before the deadline on the 24th.

Further votes for delegates can be casted following proposals templated on this.


Will go live tomorrow 16:00 CET and last 24 hours. Snapshot link can be found here.

If the proposal was to pass, Abracadabra would be voting for JoJo and Castle Capital using the treasury ARBs in both snapshot and tally votes.

Voting has passed.

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Sounds good to me. They worked really hard during the STIP so continuing that into the LTIP would be ideal.