Yesterday Daniele mentioned his liking to on-chain option activity in crypto and stating the popularity of options on other platforms such as Robinhood are a signal that retail is looking for crypto options exposure. In my opinion one of the purest ways to earn yields is selling covered calls or puts with Ribbon Finance - this strategy has largely been outperforming the conventional buy and hold strategy which is quite hard in crypto or other markets in general. They use digital assets as collateral and go through opyn to bid on contracts with the assets deposited in the vaults and compound any profits weekly without the end user having to select any strike/put price making it much simpler than traditonal option contract purchasing.

Ribbon Finance recently added a staked eth vault which allows you to sell covered calls with staked ETH from Lido. If you were able to pull loans in MIM with the LP tokens from these vaults I think it would not only increase option volume but create one of most sustainable ways to leverage and earn yield in DEFI.

Happy to answers any questions about this idea or the Ribbon Finance and interested to hear any protocol users opinions!


Thanks for your time.


I completely agree with you, Ribbon finance option-vaults yield by far more than yvtokens. They have vaults not only for staked eth but alsto for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Aave. The Ribbon protocol has a proven track record. Last but not least one of the main developer hinted a possible crosschain deployment which aligns with Abracadabra ethos.

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thank you for the reply would be cool to see any input from the team regarding the pricing for this product