Proposal- build in a function to off ramp

While I like most people am not rich by any means. I do believe in this protocol mostly in part to the people maxi mindset. Yes I would love to make a bunch of money but I would also like to help others who are even worse off.

So is there a way to add a % based option or a second box kinda like a “karma crate” that can offramp into a second vault where we vote on different charities. Or hold an open forum on twitter as it will do 2 things. Cut down on the fud when it comes to emissions and it will not only help many people who need it but also give others a different outlook on the project as a whole. This also could be outside media helping with the increased demonizing of the crypto space due to suits getting tilted.

best way is to buy a 1 branch/nerve center US bank chartered under state law.

regulatory framework light.

state charter opens door to access federal banks that provide it with fed reserve clearing privileges.

such banks can be had at a discount to book value depending on factors.

t. lawyer with UCC/BlueSky experience

bonus: since defi is going to be putting banks out of business by the doezens beginnning imminently, operations staff (all that is needed) can be picked up without a lot of competition.