Is there any possible way you guys can request this from Coinbase?

Recently people sold their wrapped memo from wonderland time, project, but some of us decided to sell it from Abracadabra site, and you guys gave us spell in the form of C chain network.

Now there are many of us who were trying to rush out of the project,

We were tired from all the stress of it in general and so we sent from trust wallet or meta mask directly to our exchange such as Coinbase, and didn’t think about sending small amounts either.

We transferred our entire wallet back to our exchange and long and behold you know the story, Spell token is only on Ethereum‘s net work for Coinbase.

However they except avalanche on C chain. And Coinbase pro actually excepts spell in the form of C chain. If only I knew to have a coin base pro wallet.

Is there anyway you guys happen to know any Coinbase developer, or connection to help us out who made a simple mistake and lost a fortune, savings or our portfolio by requesting Coinbase to add C Chain Netwerk to the Spell Token.?

There is a lot of money lost stuck in limbo and I know normally devs don’t care much about this topic. But not all of us knew what we were doing, I personally am a developer myself and made the mistake. It happens to the best of us.

Kindest regards

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