PROPOSAL: Extend voting rights to sSpell holders on all chains

I would like to see a proposal to extend voting rights to sSpell holders on other chains, like Avalanche and Fantom. A lot of us (including myself) are totally priced out of Ethereum Main due to the prohibitive gas fees. As a result, we buy and hold our sSpell on Avalanche or Fantom. But we want to be a part of the Abracadabra governance process, too!

I think this is easily administrable. It’s my understanding that the settings page in Snapshot can configure the multichain coins to be included in determining the voting-eligible wallets.

What do others think?


I think this fits in perfect to the world where more can participate and show support or lack thereof for snapshot voting. It should be as simple as adding the multichain strategy to the snapshot and adding the tokens from tokenomics page in.

Great Idea!

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I would assume this is already a priority and I think many would like to hear where the team is at with this at the moment. Good on you for posting.


Awesome post, and I joined the forum to open up a topic like this (after i saw squid proposal). I bought spell on eth in the first weeks of abracadabra, and later bridged everything to avax. Ethereum is pricing out everyone who is not rich, and big +1 for this topic.