Listing on TTNEX Coins

Hello, nice to meet you!

I found your contact in the community chat.

I’m an Assistant Manager at TTNEX Exchange.

Now I am actively engaged in market analysis and found your project Spell Token.
Please, tell me if you are interested in listing on TTNEX?

We have a great individual listing offer for your project before the end of this month with a big discount (up 50%) and the possibility of partial payment in tokens!

I will be glad to provide you more information.

Thanks & Regards

Connect with me:
WhatsApp : +91 9024113638
Telegram Id: @robertsmartcrypto


I shared this post to the discord and twitter!!! :crystal_ball::man_mage::dog2::frog:

Abracadabra’s discord said they dont pay to get added on exchanges!!! Though good luck using it, they have a bot glitch thing on their discord haha you gotta keep rejoining the discord server. Sorry TTNEX Coins!!!