AIP #30 - Vote for Ali Atiia yAcademy/yAudit Founder for Arbitrum Security Council


This RFC is to vote in favor of Ali Atiia for Arbitrum Security Council. The first Security Council Election began on September 15 and runs for 7 days. Details on the responsibilities for the Security Council can be found here: The Amended Constitution of the Arbitrum DAO | Arbitrum DAO - Governance docs

Proposal Summary

Ali worked as a software engineer and completed a CS PhD in complexity theory and molecular biology in 2018. He has published and reviewed scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and spoke at several academic and Ethereum (Devconnect 22) conferences.

He was the recipient of academic scholarships in the US, France and Japan, and a Gitcoin grant as an independent researcher. In the Ethereum ecosystem, he published several technical posts and non-technical articles for the general public.

Most recently, he is a founder of yAcademy and yAdudit, and the creator of a zero-knowledge for auditors series as part of yAcademy’s newly launched ZK auditing fellowships.

Please see Ali’s intention of running for the Security Council here:

Abracadabra’s Role and Voting

As members of the Arbitrum ecosystem, and an important player in governance, it is pivotal that Abracadabra makes SPELL holders voice heard as it has happened in the past. Ali’s deep involvement in the security community as a founder, teacher, and researcher makes him a great candidate for Arbitrum Security Council.


There are 4 days remaining. Candidates that receive 4.72M votes will advance to Round 2 beginning October 6th.

Voting is now posted on snapshot and will go live 20/09/23 14:00 CET and last 24 hours. It can be found here. If the proposal was to pass, further security councils votes would still be directed towards Ali Atiia.

The proposal passed, abracadabra will vote for Ali in the upcoming rounds.

Considering that there are only 4 days left, I propose to start voting for this in the next 24 hours, and let the snapshot roll for another 24 hours.

This would give the community enough time to educate properly, and yet cast the DAO’s vote in time for the end of the proposal.

Also some more context here.