Spell Staking Cauldron Spoons

As I posted in the Discord, given that Ethereum Network is soon to transition to Proof-of-Stake and, that there already are PoS opportunities available, would Abracadabra.Money not be positioned just right, to add a compliment to the already proven methods of the Cauldrons, by adding a Wooden Spoon?

It would work by simply having a staking option for Spell holders that would return a token, Spoon. Spoon would be used for accessing the utilities of different PoS opportunities. Such as:

a) ETH
b) Cosmos
c) Cardano
d) Polkadot
e) Solana
f) Tezos

  1. buy Spell
  2. stake Spell in the Witches Hollow
  3. get Spoon to stir with
  4. earn rewards with wSpoon

This would drive an entirely new crowd of interest into the willows of Abracadabra.

Given the nature of the events surrounding Wonderland.Money, the observation remains, an investment in Infrastructure has a far superior impact on public confidence than the performance, and potential, of any contract that can be deployed.

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