Proposal to implement a “level-up” system as a staking incentive!

Hey spellcasters!! :open_book::man_mage::magic_wand::dizzy::sparkles::star::star2::full_moon:

Before i start, just wanna say im loving all the work the Abra team and community are doing!! Can definitely see the magic growing with a ton of potential to be unlocked still!! I appreciate all the work thats been done and look forward to being around for whats to come!! :crystal_ball:


Implement a leveling/ranking system to incentivize staking on!!

Im sure everyone has played a videogame or experienced something before with a level up system relating to participation… definitely makes the videogame or activity more interesting!!! The wonder of unlocking certain levels to experience/obtain what comes with those levels was always a big draw for me, so i propose we implement a level-up system for Spell Token Staking!! (mApe and mGLP could apply also, totally open to suggestions and changes.)


• 100 levels!! 100 is max level!!

• For every 29 days, the staker gains a level! At this rate, it would take just about 8 years of staking to reach max level.

• Staking requirements measured in USD to unlock level tiers and reach max level:

  • Levels 1-10 = $500 - $1k worth of Spell staked.
  • Levels 11-25 = $1001 - $4999 worth of Spell staked.
  • Levels 26-49 = $5000 - $9,999 worth of spell staked.
  • Levels 50-87 = $10,000 - $24,999 worth of spell staked.
  • Levels 88-100 = $25,000+ worth of spell staked.

• Could have names for each level bracket… Novice mage, Pathfinder mage, Virtuoso mage, Legendary mage, then Grandmaster Magician


Anything really!! Could be up to the abra team to decide or maybe community polls run by the abra team to decide rewards for levels!! Was thinking Merch, NFTs, or maybe even $MIG as a reward!! Have spellcasters unlock a treasure chest full of gold at certain levels, reasonably full of course.


With a reward system like this, or similar to this one, would be able to offer incentives for staking!! Could even set up a leveling system that resets once or twice a year. NFTs carried over year to year could also level up to provide certain benefits. The possibilities are truly endless, and Spell Token has the magic of imagination to back it!!! is in the perfect position to bring some fun to Decentralized Finance and i think it could be pulled off… eventually!!

Would love to see what the community and abra team think!!!

Big thank you to the abra team and the magic community for keeping the magic alive!!! :man_mage::heart:

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