SPELL STAKING showing Nan % for APR

I have SPELL staked on Abracadbra and it is showing Nan% for APR. It looks like I am not earning anything on my SPELL. Can anyone tell me what is up ?


Currently shows NaN for everything

So does this mean its working ? Am I earning interest ? If I am, how much?

Yes it’s working I’m just here to see the calculating errors get fixed like you

mine is NaN as well. does price fluctuate with the market?

It showed NA for me on my mobile app… When I logged into it on my computer it shows the % apy…currently 27.28%

And how I understand it… Your Spell is actually changed into sSpell (Staking Spell) when you stake it. The amount of your deposited Spell actual does not increase as it is being staked. The value of the sSpell token itself will increase overtime… thus when you unstake the sSpell it is more valuable and will increase your Spell count. Making you $$$$ over time. If i am wrong… please someone else chime in. Thanks

Thats how I understand it to work also.

You are correct…the sSPELL appreciates over time.

When I look on my mobile app…it shows NaN% but the most recent browser snapshot I looked at showed ~27% APR.

heres the official explanation Stake - Abracadabra

when does the rewards happen on the site … i have spell staked and its doing nothing in value or amount of reward… im frustrated with it at the moment … and zero help is blah