Why Abracadabra X Wonderland is a powerful collaborative force but should not merge

keep the projects separate. voting on both sides ensures that only mutually beneficial deals go through.

that being said, wonderland X abracadabra should collaborate more often through proposals
and voting from both DAOs.

This would allow both communities to feel more in control of the direction of their dao, being able to vote for or against specific collaborations.

Staked spell revenue share was recently diverted to purchase bribes in order to facilitate mim adoption,

my proposal for collaboration is for wonderland being an investment dao to purchase the bribe for abracadabra from wonderland treasury in exchange for a fair amount of spell tokens.

this would keep the spell tokens within the frog ecosystem and wonderland buys the dip on a cornerstone of defi. becoming a majority token holder of spell at a deep discount and tremendous upside potential as well as protocol revenues.

as for the spell tokens going to wonderland, i feel better knowing wonderland treasury won’t dump on us and the value stays with the long term holders of frog nation, (wmwmo holders benefit long term)

and as for wonderland currently crashing, boom and bust appears to be the nature of a rebase token, the ponzinomic element is that if you hold all the rebases through the crash, next boom you get to be the whale or at-least closer to being one id say continue forward with the experiment, allow it to stand on its own two legs and a core community of supporters will stay and should rightfully reap the benefits. this will continue to happen and that core community will continue to grow.


  1. collaboration can happen and would even be better without a merge.

2.keeping the autonomy of both projects would sit better with most investors due to being able to veto or submit proposals on when how and what to collab on

3.my proposal which is mutually beneficial to both and DAOs

  1. its ok wonderland is crashing. it will come back eventually as long as devs don’t abandon the project and the token