SpartaDEX lockdrop offer

SpartaDEX is a gamified DEX built on Arbitrum and recently successfully sold out their Spartans NFT collection of 5555 supply and will soon launch the SpartaDEX lockdrop event.

The lockdrop will be available to both users and projects on Arbitrum and we’re able to offer a limited amount of projects the opportunity to get a percentage of the total $SPARTA supply allocated for the lockdrop to those who lock liquidity.

Key lockdrop metrics:

The key of our go-to-market strategy is to kick-start our liquidity through a lockdrop event available to both projects and their users. How can you participate?

  • Lock liquidity for whitelisted pairs for 2-52 weeks period
  • Get $SPARTA tokens as rewards! The longer the lock you choose, the higher rewards you will get.

There will be 2 phases in the lockdrop:

Phase I - locking the liquidity of the chosen pairs. Your project can become one of them! For this phase we will allocate 6% of the total $SPARTA supply (50% available at TGE + 6m linear vesting)
Phase II - locking $SPARTA liquidity. For this phase we will allocate 1% of the total $SPARTA supply (100% available at TGE)

  • Tokens obtained via lockdrop will account for 80% of all tokens available at TGE.
    Remember: as a lockdrop participant you will also receive the regular ecosystem rewards for providing LP.

Let me know if Abacadabra Money is interested in participating.

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