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My name is Alexey, and I am reaching out to you from, a multichain swap & yield optimizer protocol on BSC, Arbitrum, and Polygon using Solidly ve(3,3) model focusing on B2B services for DeFi protocols.

We are excited to announce that we are holding a fair launch token sale (similar to Camelot) and are currently seeking launch partners in established protocols in DeFi. We believe that our platform could be a valuable addition to your ecosystem, and we would be honored to explore potential collaboration opportunities with your team.

What we offer:
voting for token emissions (you can commit weekly bribes)
revenue sharing from swap & auto-compound fees for partners
airdrop for your community
auto-compound vaults for your LPs (with bonus rewards on top)
promotion (on our website & social media)

Why partner with us:
Fair launch token sale
Multiple revenue streams for holders (swap & optimizer fees, bribes, rebase,…)
Battle tested contracts from Solidly
Audit & KYC completed with the AssureDefi team
Custom frontend
B2B Services offering (Launchpad, liquidity lock, token vesting, OTC desk & more)

Preview site:
user: demo
pass: PRsWruclQdJty9YA

We already have partnerships in place with Stader, Stafi, and Angle.

My TG contact is Telegram: Contact @alexeyevichalexei, and my e-mail is

In case of more information is needed, please let me know.

Best regards,

Alexey from :fox_face:

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So, I’m not generally against partnerships, but I’m a bit cautious with new DEX partnerships. Seems to me like everyone wants to start a new DEX, and innovation just isn’t really there (mostly just forks with tweaks to tokenomics). How does MagicFox innovate in this regard? Also, I’m not quite sure what you expect of Abracadabra in the partnership. I ofc see that MagicFox offers some products, but what’s your expectation of a MagicFox Abracadabra partnership (e.g. MIM listed on the DEX, Abracadabra incentivizes pools on the DEX, LP cauldrons, etc.)?

I agree with mDreamy, it’s not really clear what you’re asking for or what the benefits to Abracadabra would be. Perhaps you could give some specifics on what you’d want out of a partnership. Would a MIM/stablecoin pair be eligible for incentives? Would you want some cauldrons for borrowing against your LPs? Are you looking for protocols to purchase and lock your ve token in exchange for something?

Thanks for taking the time and I look forward to your response!

@BrabDdy & @mDreamy4: thank you for your response.

Main point:

  • we give abracadabra free veNFT allocation for our protocol
  • this veNFT grants you the power to vote on emissions
  • what we expect from you is to use this veNFT allocation to vote on the emissions weekly (I suspect you will be voting for MIM related pairs)
  • there is no other obligation since we are a new protocol looking to get started

Where are we inovating:

  • abracadabra has culdrons on many chains so there is liquidity for MIM needed on all those chains
  • MagicFox is deploying multichian (BSC, ARB and POLY first, I know not your strongest chains) therefore making it a good one stop shop for you to vote for MIM liquidity
  • If it will seem economically viable you can acquire additional emissions with veNFT increase or bribes

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you require anything else.


@BrabDdy & @mDreamy4: any updates? :slight_smile: