Do we dislike Polygon?

Kinda surprised/not very surprised that Polygon hasn’t come up in the recent convos I’ve witnessed about other chains Abra could be operating on.

Coincidence? Infeasible? Repugnant?

Is there an objection and also, what’s the objection?

My main motivation to see us on polygon (besides their giant user base) is that it’s where Aavegotchi lives and I want Abracadabra-themed wearables.


I dont see why we wouldn’t like polygon. The ultimate goal is to bridge everything. One big system that can be chained together with different strategies and bridges.


I don’t either, but when my dao voted to migrate to Polygon from mainnet, there was a lot of idealistic resistance from people who felt that the people behind Polygon were shady in some way they had trouble articulating. Then yesterday when Daniele appeared on Frog Radio, I repeatedly heard BSC, Solana, Cosmos, even Harmony One, but Polygon never came up. He didn’t mention it and nobody else asked. I had just worked up the nerve to hit the ‘request to speak’ button when Daniele said he was just going to finish up the current speakers and call it a night, so I never got to ask either.

I thought maybe he was on the record as against it or something and everyone but me knew better :rofl:


Avalanche did an interview with Daniele, he mentioned something about Polygon in there. It’s on Avalanche youtube channel

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interesting, ty! I’ll go see if I can find that.

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I’m a supporter of integrating Polygon and launching sKLIMA as eligible collateral. Would help bring MIM adoption to environmental movement and get associated press / association benefit.

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Maybe it is a slow burn? No doubt it has a huge support base, a lot of development going on and a lot of amazing projects to drop.
But, there seems to be a feeling of scammy when thinking of polygon NFTs - Opensea wallets get sent them all the time. Maybe this is contributing?
I too hope to see these amazing DeFi protocols come to Polygon.

I agree if the idea is to be cross chain, as long as the fundamentals of the new chain is strong, we should go for it. Poly has a massive user base and interesting projects that can benefit from Abra. Lets do it!!! #onlydiscriminationleadstodiscrimination


I think Polygon will be a great addition to our Multichain presence.

Right now, it’s important to tap into the liquidity of the biggest EVM chains and the recent launch on Binance Smart Chain was the right move. There’s a lot of TVL to attract to our cauldrons over there as well as good deals to increase the utility of MIM.

Regarding the Polygon discussion, it would be interesting to collect a list of projects which could be a right fit for a cauldron. Remember, that adding a cauldron for a project which can actively help increase the utility of MIM is in most cases a win-win scenario!


I think we should establish a beachhead on Polygon for completeness – $MIM should be everywhere, all chains. Except, maybe, Cardano. We can skip that one :slight_smile:


I dig that. Would bring more attention to abra from normies. :ok_hand:

Agreed, I think Polygon should definitely be implemented. The DeFi ecosystem on that chain is too large to ignore. The BSC deployment makes sense, but to be honest, it seems like EVM compatible chains like Polygon should be a higher priority for deployment over non-EVM chains like Solana which will require unique tooling to support. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be deploying on Solana and non-EVM chains. We absolutely should. But we can do these in parallel, yeah? They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And seems like low hanging fruit that we’re just leaving on the vine so to speak.

Sushiswap, Curve, Aave, Pickle, Harvest, PoolTogether, and more… all deployed in some form or fashion on Polygon, meaning there are plenty of ibTokens to choose from for new cauldrons. For example, Curve’s aDAI+aUSDC+aUSDT pool on Polygon would make an excellent candidate and would probably be very popular with borrowers on the chain.

Another consideration in favor of an earlier Polygon deployment - Dharma now supports direct Fiat-to-Polygon on-ramps, meaning borrowers could acquire Polygon assets and then borrow $MIM against them without having to deal with Ethereum L1’s expensive gas fees at all. And to top it off, if users needed to extract value from their assets for real world expenses (aka bills, holiday gifts, lambos), they would be able to borrow against them easily on Polygon and off-ramp back to fiat without the headache and hassle of having to bridge back to Ethereum L1 and transfer to a CEX to do so. To me, that’s a huge value add.


You just mentioned several strong arguments for polygon.

An additional fiat on-off ramp is a big reason to push our products to a certain blockchain. Especially with the high gas prices on Ethereum.

Lets focus on this and formulate a few points. We can make a poll on this post about the interest in polygon and start working on putting a [Request For Comment] thread together. :fire:


I don’t mind polygon although I know nothing that is really being built there anymore. But i think maybe focus should be BSC first, in terms of chain expansions. But i am all for it after that.

I love polygon, i have been using it longer than avalanche in my opinion it is easier to use and the bridge is easier. I have assets on Avalanche/Polygon/BSC and eth, but I thought that Popsicle managed that? Am very familiar with Abracadbra/Wonderland but unfortunately not Popsicle so I’m not sure.