Remove Sifu from the multisig and take him out completely from Abra

His reputation clearly has not been beneficial for the Abra project.

Many of us would think that he doesnt deserve to be kicked out but his reputation affected the market and people wont trust him besides what we could think. He has not done anything wrong to us but keeping him around is affecting us and could kill the project completely. Other protocols are already cancelling MIM and if this is followed is the end.

For the best of the project he should be lefted apart. I have nothing against Sifu but I want the best for Abra.


How is it possible that this degenerate (I mean this in the traditional sense of the word) is STILL not taken off? How is it possible that we have to debate this and reach quorum or vote? This should have been done ages ago. ANyone who SIFU doesn’t have leverage over would have had him removed immediately when they found out he was related to Quadriga. I the more this saga continues the more it has the feeling of Godfatther-esque Italian mafia type characters involved.

Get this dude off the multisig or we are all going to dump, I can speak for the ones of us who haven’t yet, and you can watch this coin go to zero if you want to keep him with any power over SPELL.

NOBODY in their right mind wants this dude to have anything to do with the project.

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse…”
“He” meaning Wonderland, and Dani and Sifu’s proposed buyout of Wonderland. LMAO!
Gimme a break.

I think we all need to take a second and think about whether Dani is the one with leverage over Sifu, or vice-versa. It may be time for us to leave if Dani is not getting rid of SIFU.

Wait…wait…wait… Please tell me this is an episode of the Twilight Zone. SIFU, THE SIFU, as in Michael Patryn, Omar, Wonderland Treasurer Dox’d recently, ID Thief, nicknamed ‘Thief’, fugitive from law (? not sure about this one, curious if he fled to Canada or went there after serving 5 yrs in the States),

The same Wonderland SIFU is



Ahh ahhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhh hhh h aaah hahahhhhahhhaaaa hhah hahah hahahahahah hahha hhahahh hhahahahahahah

Man, I’ve only been involved for less than 2 months, but you frogs are the [edit: most gullible] mf’s on the planet.

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Sifu is not the treasurer of Abracadabra. He was, previously, one of the multi-signers, however, he has since been removed. He has never had independent control of anything Abra has done (e.g., code, treasury, etc.).

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