Bribe Protocol proposes to Add MIM on Aave

Hello from Bribe,

TL;DR of Bribe: Launching soon, Bribe is building a voting coalition strong enough to meaningfully influence governance proposal outcomes. Bribe creates DAO infrastructure tooling to incentivize protocol participation. Depositors stake their governance tokens in the Bribe pool to earn income. Bidders borrow the staked votes to support or reject governance proposals.

Following our integration with Aave, we listed a proposal to add $MIM as an asset. This proposal will cement $MIM as a leading on-chain stablecoin in DeFi and help us demonstrate the power of Bribe’s coalition.

See the full piece below:

We would like to know what the Abracadabra community thinks of our proposal.


Bribe website-

Proposal- Add MIM to Aave V2 - New Asset - Aave


Thank you for your thoughts and time!