ARB vote in favor of RAM and a possible partnership with ramses team

Hello, I would like Abra to vote in favor of the proposal by Ramses Exchange regarding the Arbitrum grants.

RAM, being a solid decentralized exchange, is requesting a shift from an LP bribe to a bribe matching model (a model that previously worked with Velodrome). Currently, for every dollar in bribes, you receive 1 dollar in emissions. If Abra were to support RAM and start incentivizing liquidity on it, the cost of bribe efficiency would be slightly higher compared to the direct spell bribe that occurs with curves.

This would reduce the cost for MIM liquidity due to increased efficiency.

with a vote for:

infavor of the proposal

agaist it

in case of positive replay from abra we would discuss a future proposal for consider a possible partner with ramses exchange.


Ty for the proposal. Firstly I’d like to acknowledge @Gattordo’s continued activity in the community. That alone should be a reason to read this. Now to the proposal, I think it’s worth a vote, but I think maybe Abracadabra should have a structured approach to these kind of votes. With regard to Ramses Exchange I’m a bit cautious. It’s not an DEX that Abracadabra have cooperated with so historically, so maybe it is not the most favorable exchange to support. That said, I think maybe Abracadabra needs to consider the exact goal of these votes for Abracadabra more generally. Just ma thoughts…

yes, and ready to type in in case the current idea can pass .

just for clarify i dont have any reletion or investiment with ram dex so my proposal is based on the fact velo performed very well using a similar grant from OP.