Abracadabra Support?

Does Abracadabra have any kind of contactable support for users?
I’ve looked all over without success. The closest I’ve found is a Twitter account @mim_spell but it doesn’t seem to allow messages to be sent to it. Only following to see the tweets.

What do you need support with?

Also, don’t respond to any DMs on twitter regarding any kind of support, you’ll be scammed.

During the quick dive of wMEMO a few days ago, I tried to pay back some of the loan with my MIMs to keep from getting liquidated. The transaction was pending forever and in fact never got completed. Consequently, the price of wMEMO went down so much that my loan got liquidated. I probably wasn’t the one person this happened to. I’m trying to find out what can be done about it. I’ve made many crypto transactions and have never seen this kind of situation where a transaction is stuck for hours. I couldn’t even cancel it to remake the transaction. Only the next day was it finally canceled, way too late for me.

That has nothing to do with abracadabra, complain to avalanche.

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