UST pool GUI change to add deposited collateral shown as original deposited amt

The UST pool GUI is confusing. We should be able to clearly see how much collateral we deposited before looping. Also, when clicking repay and sliding both bars to repay all MIM and take out collateral there is way less than originally deposited. There has to be a better way to show all this so it dosent all look lost.


Not only this, but the MIM borrowed does not grow over time on the GUI. I do not understand how this is not happening, when this is standard on other borrowing dapps like Maker, Compound, and AAVE. So when you try to repay your debt, you actually have no idea how much debt you actually have. This is unacceptable.


I’m all for this. I would also extend this to improve the reporting of all Degenbox positions / leveraged positions within the borrow screen / dashboard so that it shows a clearer breakout of Current Market value of the position, the collateral value.

It is a little confusing to keep track of positions in the current dashboard and to distinguish the value of the “maintenance margin” vs the current collateral value as it loops.

A few more data points that are happening behind the scenes are not accessible in the GUI or reported so its hard to keep track of the Net Asset Value of the position.

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Agreed, I would like to see how my collateral is growing, you cannot track your principal amount. Can this also be incorporated in the v1 UST-MIM Degenbox?