Standardizing Proposal Formatting

As abracadabra scales and the governance dynamic scales with it, we should proactively create a template or standardized format for proposals. As the governance scope increases, it may be necessary to ensure the most basic elements of any proposal are the main focus of discussion and standardizing proposals may be a way to do this. No one wants to spend all their time reading governance proposals that are not focused, concise, and easy to parse. Decentralized decision making needs to match the efficiency of centralized decision making if its impact is to be realized to its fullest potential.

The template could be as simple as:

Introduction of Proposal
Concise description of your proposal - What are you proposing?

Purpose of Proposal
Why you are proposing this?

Supporting Information
references, supporting documentation, further reading, etc…

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we are working on a template for both the [Request For Comment] thread and the Abracadabra Improvement Proposal [AIP].

Should be released any time now. :+1:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback on them.