SAIP #35: Add a gmLink Cauldron

SAIP #35: Add a gmLink Cauldron

TL;DR: Add one new gmMarket using gmLink as collateral on Arbitrum.

Cauldrons parameters:


-70% LTV

-6.9% Interest

-1% Borrow Fee

-6% Liquidation Fee

Initial Top Up: 5m MIMs

Summarised Proposal

The following proposal is to expand our gmCauldron offering adding a gmLINK market.

Risk assessment and overview are similar to the already 4 cauldrons launched, and therefore we are confident having the following proposal going through the Speedlane AIP template.

The initial top up will be of a total of 5m MIM, to be executed according to liquidity and demand.

You can check SAIP #34 here for more details


Voting is already live and will last 48 hours. If the proposal was to pass, a gmLINK cauldron with respective degenbox strategy will be deployed.

Voting can be found here.

The proposal passed.

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I think this is a good proposal. I see reason gmLINK shouldn’t have a cauldron. I’m not sure how attractive it’ll be, but nonetheless, it fits in the lineup of GM cauldrons.


Sounds good to me. LINK is a hot narrative right now and could help bring new users

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Yes! The more cauldrons, the better… clearly! Abra is expanding like a beast, and I love it. Taking over Defi one network at a time. :man_mage: