RFC - Add a RDNT Cauldron

TL;DR: Add a new market using $RDNT as collateral. Cauldrons parameters:

Interest: 12%

Borrow Fee: 0.5%

MCR: 65%

Liquidation Fee: 10%

Initial top up of 1m $MIMs, with the possibility of scaling up to 3m depending on volumes and liquidity.


As a valuable player in the Arbitrum ecosystem space, it is important for Abracadabra to offer cauldron support for ecosystem native assets, if they are liquid enough to be considered for a cauldron.

One of the main candidates for this is Radiant Capital’s token RDNT.

Risk Assessment

RDNT is one of the most liquid governance tokens in the Arbitrum Ecosystem.

The main on-chain pool can be found on Balancer, with more than$ 63m in TVL. RDNT is also listed on several major exchanges, such as Binance, that would allow off chain liquidations to also happen smoothly.

Liquidity analysis suggests that selling 1m worth of $RDNT tokens in the current market conditions would create a slippage of approximately ~2.7%, making it an interesting candidate for a cauldron.

By applying a conservative MCR (i.e 60%) and a large liquidation fee (10%), a buffer to safely liquidate positions is created. Reducing the risk of bad debt for the protocol, even in situations of extreme volatility. Additionally, the initial top up of 1m MIM allows the DAO to closely monitor how efficient liquidators are and act accordingly.

Similar to other proposal’s posted, the current health $MIM-2pool on Arbitrum allows the protocol to expand the offering into new markets, like RDNT and obtain a significant amount of fees.

The interest rate is in line with other isolated lending markets and competitive enough to capture significant market share of RDNT holders and leveragers.

Interest Rate can be modified by a speedlane AIP, and voting lasting 24 hours.


With the given parameters, and an initial top up of 1m MIM, this cauldron generates approximately 125k $MIM over a one year time frame for the protocol and $SPELL holders. The number would scale up accordingly to the amount of MIM deposited into it.

Additionally, this cauldron would expand Abracadabra’s offering on Arbitrum, consolidating its place as the go to place to borrow against Arbitrum native tokens.

Depending on RDNT liquidity (both on and off chain) and trading volume, the cauldron top ups can be ramped up over time, bearing in mind the volatile nature of the token. Interest can also scale up accordingly.


The following cauldron would use V4 cauldron contracts and would be deployed on Degenbox. Adding variable interest rate, upgradable oracles, and built-in strategy rebalance functions (in case a degenbox strategy were to be proposed on top of it).

RDNT Chainlink oracle for this price feed can be found here.

Next Steps

The current proposal will remain as an RFC for 48 hours, and will then be moved to voting as AIP #41. Following this, a snapshot vote will soon be put up in order for this proposal to be voted on!

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I like this proposal. While I do not know what the demand will be, it seems that RDNT has deep liquidity and that Radiant has a noteworthy position in the Arbitrum ecosystem, so I think it will be adequate collateral for Abracadabra. The proposal mentions both 65% and 60% as MCR. Given the deep liquidity for RDNT, I think 65% will be sufficient. Similarly it also mentions both 10% and 12.5% for liquidation fee. I also think 10% is sufficient in this case.


that seems reasonable, agree on your points there

Both GMX and RDNT are great choices… Wish i could find the words like mDreamy4 over there lol but i do agree with Dreamy completely. Very ready to watch abracadabra.money make big waves in DeFi!

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It’s smart to onboard new collaterals that’ll introduce us to new users. I also liked the liquidity analysis but wonder how much of that liquidity is due to STIP incentives. Hopefully we all get LTIP incentives and that isn’t a concern.

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