Maximizing User Acquisition & Growth: A Proposal from Web3Acquire

Hello Abracadabra community! :wave:

Having explored and appreciated your innovative MIM, we at Web3Acquire have been brainstorming how we can help supercharge your user acquisition and growth.

At our core, we are a data-driven user acquisition solution specifically tailored for Web3 ecosystem. We track the full funnel, directly linking website visits to wallet connects and actions like leveraging assets for $MIM or participating in DeFi opportunities.

What’s exciting is our hypertargeting capability. We analyse user behaviors of existing $MIM holders, utilizing this data to identify ‘lookalike’ potential users. This significantly narrows down your ad outreach, saving you money and ensuring marketing dollars are invested most efficiently.

Picture your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and Lifetime Value (LTV) improving, while seeing your marketing budget fuel actual conversions and growth. We’d absolutely love to discuss how we can be a partner in your growth journey. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback!:rocket: