AIP #53: Launching MIMSwap on the Kava Network

AIP #53: Launching MIMSwap on the Kava Network


Building on the successful deployment of MIMSwap on Blast and the subsequent development of the “Potion” incentive mechanism, we propose to expand MIMSwap’s reach by launching it on the Kava Network. This initiative aims to harness Kava’s unique capabilities to enhance the MIMSwap ecosystem further, leveraging its speed, scalability, and interoperability.


The Kava Network is a robust Layer-1 blockchain that integrates the strengths of the Cosmos SDK and Ethereum. Its co-chain architecture provides seamless interoperability between Ethereum and Cosmos, ensuring developers can build in their preferred environment while accessing assets and users from both ecosystems.


Deploy the MIMSwap infrastructure on the Kava Network and direct the KAVA rewards obtained towards growing MIM liquidity there.


Deploying MIMSwap on Kava aligns with our strategic vision to expand Abracadabra’s ecosystem and tap into new markets. Transferring TVL on Kava to our own infrastructure will allow MIMSwap to further boost its metrics.


Discussion on this proposal will be open for the next 4 days, followed by a 72-hour voting period.

Snapshot voting can be found here.

All DAO members are encouraged to participate actively in refining this proposal and preparing for the subsequent SAIPs.

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Full support, MIMswap on KAVA sounds like a great combo

I like the idea, but have a few questions.

Will Abracadabra be incentivizing liquidity on Kava ourselves or only using KAVA rewards? Are there other plans to increase revenue from Kava products?

Does the Founder’s Boost on Blast apply to other deployments of MIMSwap? I’m not sure how that would make sense, but would like clarity about whether 20% of rewards would be going to Blast Founders somehow.

We can start using the KAVA rewards we are obtaining.

I dont think the founder boost on blast would apply.