Hello, I’m a coinbase and coinbase wallet user, on Wednesday at 5.11 pm I initiated a transaction from the coinbase wallet to the coinbase exchange and the transaction, even after double-checking, was not sent to the coinbase exchange but to another wallet. Below I leave you the strange action, the address to which it went, and the address to which it was supposed to go: my Wallet coinbase wallet : 0x26e72540099D5EA98db24f4Ce16ab4b7b207BF21 The funds left from this address and arrived at this: 0x02906aB6803245E2F64C8A8Af2AF92014c5b17C4 But my coinbase address is:0xb2272e3397093C65f50aBb5d6686D1974bD5D86B This is the hash of the transaction: 0xa9834e05a27f24ba9380bd60488404fd8ae3df9be71b8469d9f592471c585c7d The hash indicates that the funds have reached one of your users, I kindly ask if it is possible to trace the user and recover my money, also because I really need it… I assume it is a coinbase error or I was transition hacked. If you would be kind enough to recover the funds, I would also offer a reward to the person concerned. In this case my email is the following: I hope so and thank you

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Ouch… sounds like you may have accidentally entered/pasted the wrong wallet address, possibly one on a different network. Check all the wallet addresses you use!! If that doesnt help, you may need to find third party help to retrieve your funds. Abracadabra wont be able to help BUT you could contact coinbase support for more guidance. Best of luck, i hope you figure out the problem!! :man_mage: