Compounding Cauldron

Capital efficiency for smaller positions is difficult to come by for smaller hands. I propose that we deploy a non borrowable tricrypto cauldron which compounds yield into A) more tricrypto or B) wmemo

The Cauldron would have a cap of 20M in in total TVL , total lock up on equity would be 1 year .

  1. 25bps initial fee
  2. 10% of CRV rewards rewarded to protocol

Why: passive accumulation of CRV will be essential to our scalability in the future . This is a utility cauldron focused on passive CRV yield for abracadabra and offers capital efficiency in exchange for users.

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Why not make the tricrypto vault borrowable? The protocol would earn interest on top of the performance fees.

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Tri-crypto?! That sounds awesome, as well as accumulating wmemo!