AIP #8 - An update on Abracadabra fee distribution, introducing mSpell staking pools

Where is our solidsex position being held? Is that not a part of the treasury?

I currently have 860k coins do you think it could ever reach 10 cent or 25 cent

It does yes it’s already part of the fee sharing as explained in the docs :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to give mSpell stakers an option in how they want to receive their rewards? Being able to claim MIM is great, but what would be even better is to have an option to receive rewards in additional mSpell if that’s what we want. It just reduces the additional steps and gas that would need to be incurred if we want to reinvest in mSpell. As a small frog I feel like this would be a great added benefit.

Do the mspell tokens have any governance power?

اوافق على هذا أتمنى أن يساعد على إيقاف ضغط بيع spell

It is also important to mention that all the SPELL tokens locked in mSPELL contracts on Ethereum will maintain their voting power in the governance snapshots !

Yes ser !

This adds complexity but as mSPELL will be available on cheaper chains I feel like it’s not really needed and can be done manually.

Claim, swap and restake as mSPELL for basically nothing on Avalanche or Fantom. As the mSPELL:SPELL ratio is always 1 there’s no risk of losing any value like currently with the sSPELL pools.

On another note, I am still for the idea of having the MIMs deposited somewhere while they’re waiting to be claimed, currently that can only be done on Fantom really with Yearn but that would be a great addition for users ( yielding rewards ) and Abra ( yvMIM from fees sharing ).


great work. I vote yes

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Great proposal. mSpell makes sense for the cheap chains.

Will also vote yes if I am allowed to vote as WL RQ.

Fully support AIP #8

yes i am for $mSpell