AIP #8 - An update on Abracadabra fee distribution, introducing mSpell staking pools

A lot to read through but yes I support this proposal. It just needs to be structured well from the start and implemented carefully.

Full support of this.

I guess i’m a little confused as to where this leaves the rage proposal. Where do spell emissions sit if this were to be the case? Also, what is the current treasury position?

Excellent proposal. A new frontier. Innovative ‘added’ features that create even more utility to Spell and MIM. So many ways that this adds value to users and protocol. Win Win.

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Glad to see that the devs are doing something. Could the team elaborate more on the treasury? IE. usage of funds and governance of treasury. Would be nice if the team is willing to engage on the “harder” questions. Thanks.

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SPELL emissions never went to stakers in the first place so it doesn’t change anything in that regard.

SPELL emissions => bribes and LP rewards
SPELL for stakers => bought out of the open market with the MIM collected by the protocol.

Currently treasury consists of :

29bn SPELL accounting for 110m $, the rough amount that’ll be used for AIP 7.
And the following assets ( WIP, will add to byebyedai soon ) :

Capture d’écran, le 2022-03-09 à 13.39.08

So a total of approx 113m $ total if counting the SPELL.
Treasury address : 0x5A7C5505f3CFB9a0D9A8493EC41bf27EE48c406D

Edit : most of the SPELL held on this address are the vested team portion so should not be accounted for. Thanks Merlin for the clarification, treasury currently effectively 1.5m $ worth, mostly in MIM and Yearn vault assets coming from Yearn’s fees sharing program.


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We don’t trust the team anymore.:rage::rage:

I’ll support this proposal since it’s not negatively impacting the SPELL tokenomics, but adds some decentralization and inclusion properties.

In addition, it’s actually a mechanism to decentralize the process of distributing fees (Merlin candle = centralized, manual and vulnerable process for exit strategies). More people would be able to stake as well (on other chains).

All in all, there is no drawback coming from this RFC.

This will be a great update.

What will the price of spell be in the next year I have 850 k tokens

i vote Yes :+1 no doubt

This leads to a rise in prices and pushes people to invest in light of the war in the world. At this time I hope this thing is activated as soon as possible

Very nice something big is coming.

total fees generated by the protocol 65+ million. The break down of that returned to the treasury? Just trying to put the math together accounting for liquidation fees and interest bearing fees.

Until a month ago all the fees generated by the protocol were sent back to stakers so the only treasury grow was coming from the Yearn fees sharing program ( hence the yvTokens ).

From the announcement channel of the Discord :

Also note that a new multisig address will be created for treasury purposes to avoid confusion so don’t take this one as definitive.

Edit : rest of the message

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Perfect. Wanted to double check that my understanding was correct.

  1. is there a way to incorporate the concept of ve(3,3) into the future tokenomics? Prevent further dilution of spell. Andre goofed the math at solid. With only servicing spell , it would be easy to match increase in circulating supply with proportional matching weight of vested spell so that those who are holding through this tortuous down turn are rewarded in not having their share diluted.

As emissions are mainly ( and only ) used to incentivize liquidity on Curve right now ( and on another dApps in a smaller proportion ), once the CRV treasury is bought ( see AIP 7 in #proposals ) and the voting power is used there’s no reason to emit new SPELLs in the market so there wont be any dilution anymore.

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merhaba mata, btctürk te ilk çıktığı günden spell aldım, tahmin ettiğin gibi zarardayım. alım satılar ilave alımlarım ile zararım giderek arttı, ancak satış baskısının abracadabra sitesinde spell stake edip spel sayısını arttıranların satış yaptığı için oluştuğu yazıyor. Bize stake edip kazanmak ögretilmediği için zararımız büyüdü. stake anladığım bir konu değil belkide ilk günden stake işine başlasaydık zarar etmeyeckmiydik onuda bilmiyorum. btc tük bize bu konuda ayrıntılı bilgi vermesi gerekirdi. Umarım mspell in doğuşu bize faydalı olur. spell en düşük 0.00029$ değerini 5 ağustos2021tarihinde gördü en yüksek değerini 0.03060 $ .
Aslında stake edilince piyasadaki spel sayısı azalacağı için spell fiyatının yükselmesi gerekir. bu ekip bunu sağlayamadı.o yüzden satış baskısı oluştu. bu gün stake havuzuna biraz spell attım bakalım yarınkigetirisi ne olacak.
Stake getirisi az ise yatırım yapanlar satış yapıp spell fiyatının düşmesine nedenoluyor olabilir. bence yönetimin stake getirisin arttırmasıve daha fazla spellin stake edilmesini sağlması gerekli. ancak bu şekilde spell fiyatı yükselebilir.
umarım mspell in doğuşu daha fazla spellin stake edilmesini sağlar, ve umarım spell in muazzam yükselişine şahit olan grupta oluruz.

What price do you think it will be

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From 0.1786 to 0.5 This is determined in the coming years or more or less

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