AIP #13.6: Further Amendment on interest rate

I like this change. As on-chain liquidity increases, the risk to Abra as a result of this position decreases. Same goes for the outstanding mim, which has also decreased. I hope everyone sees that the team is interested in being fair here, and is not trying to rug anyone but rather making the best decision in a shitty situation.

Full support for the proposal. However, I’d suggest leaving room for more flexibility depending on the further cooperation by Mich and/or the full length of the increased liquidity. Abra is only trying to keep in line with it’s competitor aggressive lending practices, especially since the loan should currently be priced like a Short Put. As liquidity picks up, it can once again act as a loan (depending on outstanding lent to this collateral type across all protocols) in which case revisions would make a lot of sense.

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