Add Wrapped Staked BTRFLY (wxBTRFLY) as collateral to borrow MIM

The proposal is relatively straightforward and would work in the same manner as wMEMO as collateral within the Wonderland ecosystem.

Max Collateral Ratio - 75%
Liquidation Fee - 10%
Borrow Fee - 1%
Interest - 5%

Redacted Cartel is a sub-dao of OHM and the protocol seeks to operate as a so-called voting-efficiency-as-a-service (ve-aaS). This article explains it much better than I ever could: Perennial $BTRFLY Thesis - [REDACTED].

The treasury currently has over 138 million in a diverse set of assets and is a top 150 project. The team has collaborations with other defi heavyweights such as CRV, CVX, FRAX and OHM.


Discord: [REDACTED]