Why does ether keep getting taken and staking approved but I can't stake?

I’ve lost so much etherium approval fees on 3 different wallets just trying to get involved here. I love this corner of defi…from the concept to the execution but I just lost more. I don’t get it. I’m up too .122 ether just lost because of something that makes no sense too me and Im a dev for Moto-security working on kernels and rolling out a rewards coin on Algo block. If anyone has any idea on what’s up I’m all ears. And if anyone wants to get in on these Tokens for Moto let me know we are generating 400mil of which 1/4 will be released year 1 to select customers who bought stuff online this past year.ive got 4 million of them that are going to new and random customers before the drop. Basically testing but they’ll have the same value as the rest of them once ASA is approved via stock security and release.

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Yea you can lose money on gas fees… try picking a faster speed!!! Sometimes fees will be lower than what it says too…