Refinance loans on other platforms (maker, aave, compound) into Abra cauldrons

Since now I can borrow MIM with 0% interest on Abra giving WETH or yvWETH (already earns 1.14% yield!) as collateral, I was thinking to refinance my loans on other platforms - maker, compound, aave.

From Discord:
“gents in order to facilitate refinancing of maker vaults into abra cauldrons is there any plan for a flash-refi? Consider the user whom has outstanding dai debt against an eth vault but desires to refi with abra - they need to flash borrow dai, paydown vault, move/wrap eth to cauldron, borrow mim, swap to dai and repay flash loan”

I pay on Compound 4.5% interest atm, to refinance, would need the following script:

  1. Flash loan stables
  2. Pay back my stable coin loans on Compound with flash loan
  3. Withdraw my ETH collateral on Compound
  4. Deposit ETH to Yearn, receive yvWETH, earn 1.14%
  5. Borrow MIM on Abra with yvETH as collateral
  6. Swap MIM to stables to pay back flash loan
    as a bonus: deposit MIM to degenbox to farm UST at Anchor with leverage

Is anybody working on it?

Here’s public gist