Proposal: Integrate MIM to Godwoken, Nervos Network L2


Integrate MIM to Godwoken, Nervos Network L2.

Opportunity & Ask :

Deploy MIM to Godwoken and support launch with incentives, rewards & marketing.
Since MIM is ERC-20 no need to do anything technically for the integration. Since our L2 is 100% EVM this should be a quick win.

YokaiSwap (the main Dex on our L2) will just create a pool for MIM, and we therefore ask for marketing support and tokens to boost the rewards.

About Nervos:

In case you haven’t heard of Nervos, we’re and L1 + L2 focused on interoperability, scalability & cross-chain. Our L1 is UTXO PoW and tethers to our L2’s, which are optimized for different things. Our main L2 (named Godwoken) is fully EVM compatible. We recently launched our first native DEX (YokaiSwap) in December '21 and raised 80m TVL in a few weeks (was 130m before the market dipped).

We’d like to integrate MIM as a stablecoin on Godwoken


Stablecoins are an integral part the core functioning and growth of a DeFi ecosystem. Dex’s, swaps, LP’s, yield optimisers, derivatives - all of these dApps make use of stablecoins.

YokaiSwap, the native DEX on Godwoken (Nervos Network L2) has enjoyed exponential growth and traction since its launch in December '21.

ForceBridge, the native bridging system for Nervos Network, make it easy to move assets cross-chain. Wrapping and deploying to Godwoken is fast, secure & cheap.

Currently, the largest coin TVL on YokaiSwap is USDC and USDT. As such, we believe there is plenty of room for a third multi-chain stablecoin like MIM.

In the near future, the Nervos native token $CKB will be available to farm on various chains and Dex’s.


I love nervos so easy yes from me


Would be awesome to be able to use mim as more decentralized stable coin rather than usdc and usdt that are currently available on Nervos network.

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Great idea, would love to see this

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That would be great, nervos is a solid project and interoperability will be the future.

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Yes please. MiM is a great stablecoin, xpand the Nervos Ecosystem baby

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That’s greate, look forword to it.

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Yes please, nervos is great. Godwoken is super fast

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Yes, this is needed/wanted on Nervos.

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As a nervos fan, this would be awesome!

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Yes! As long as it makes sense for Nervos Network.

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Amazing idea🚀 let’s do this!

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Let’s do this! Absolute no brainer.

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Yessur I’d love to see incorporation of mim

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lfg nervos!

positioning paper is a fun read

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YES! We’re ready for this!

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