Problems and solutions for current UX

I was avid user of Abracadabra with v1 design as it was still usable, but v2 is completely unusable.

Abra is more of a hype product at the moment - has big enough community - once Abra make’s a new cauldron, announces it then all degens will ape into it and cauldron would be almost empty of MIM. But it is less like a money market because of usability, unfortunately.

As an example I created in FigJam list of goals, problems, and some solutions.

I can deliver wireframes on a consulting basis charging $20,000 for a complete redesign of UX, while the design and front end work would do Abracadabra’s team. I have been in crypto space for 10 years and have built biggest p2p marketplace and now working on DeFi project to make UX as seamless as possible to onboard next 1 billion people into DeFi. As I really like Abra idea and product, I am willing to contribute to make Abra great again.

Please see FigJam here with issues and potential solutions

Goal of deliveries
Review copy of website and how clear it is for DeFi newcomers and not only tailored to seasoned degens/tradFi professionals or somebody with advanced financial knowledge
See user flow from initial landing to achieving final goal(s)
See information structure of different pages, propose high level changes on spotted problem(s)
See each functionality usability for simple user from copy, layout and interaction standpoint.
On each existing functionality and user scenario propose alternative cohesive flow that will include new layout, interaction and copy example
Any new UX ideas that make product look better that are rather simple to implement on FE side

Final work delivery
Structured overview of high level goals of what abracadabra users want and also existing high level problems.
Goals and problems (copy, layout, interactions) of each major functionality and page
Clear functional requirements with proposed changes ready to be implemented by abra’s designers and FE team
Listed major user scenarios for certain functionalities
B&W wireframes that include new layout and interactions based on proposed new requirements for mentioned functionalities and pages. Also includes new copy examples

Not doing
Reimagining new abracadabra slogans or product direction, but solely new ux approach
Designing or doing front-end development for proposed wireframes
Layout proposal on mobile or tablet, but only for desktop