Enable using TJ AVAX-UST and AVAX-USDC as collateral

We currently support AVAX-USDC.e, AVAX-USDT.e, and AVAX-MIM but the AVAX-UST and AVAX-USDC (officially issued USDC by Circle versus the .e which is USDC bridged from Ethereum) pools currently offer anywhere from 50-100% more yield - and we don’t support those pools. Eg, when AVAX-USDC is ~20%, AVAX-UST will frequently be ~50% and AVAX-USDC (without the .e) will be ~43%.

It should be safer for Abracadabra to support native USDC rather than bridged USDC on the AVAX-USDC pair, and on the UST pair - we already trust UST enough to support it on Ethereum in far greater quantities than we’d probably see deposited on AVAX in AVAX-UST pairings. This would let people pair their AVAX with the higher yielding pairs TJ has to offer for roughly the same risk (in terms of impermanent loss).